It’s All About You

When you’re buying a condo in Toronto, you need a home buying process that’s completely individualized to what you want, need, and can afford. You won’t get a generic step-by-step buying guide with me; you can choose how we communicate (whether it’s by text, call, or email), how often you want to talk or meet, and what statistics, Toronto condo market information, and details you receive along the way.

Seeing the Big Picture

I leave no stone unturned to ensure you get all the information you need to make educated, confident decisions. I always remind my buyers: you’re not buying the appliances or hardwood floor, you’re buying real estate. I’ll help you look past first impressions – good or bad – to understand the true value of a unit, and if there’s a chance that new construction could block your view in the future, you’ll know.

An eternally great view isn’t always guaranteed, but with me, a great condo buying experience is.

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Buying 101

Buying a condo or loft is a learning curve. Whether your first home is a new construction, luxury penthouse, or resale unit, we’ll discuss the benefits of investing in condos and lofts, what to look for when buying a condo or loft, and the costs involved (such as legal fees, property taxes, and monthly maintenance fees). By educating you at every step of the buying process and keeping your expectations in-check, purchasing a loft or condo for the first time will be straightforward, stress-free, and exciting!

Learn more about what condo living is really like right here.

Not Your First Purchase?

If you’re an experienced buyer, we’ll start by reviewing the process and costs of buying a condo in Toronto.

I’ll also provide you with any needed insight to ensure you’re up to date with the current market and have double-checked that you’re financially prepared for your sale and subsequent purchase, whether you’re upsizing, looking for a new neighbourhood, or searching for an income property.


"I bought my condo in Vancouver with her and she was excellent. I definitely recommend her for your real estate needs in Toronto!"

Getting Real

A lot of the time, my client-agent relationships become real friendships. It helps that I never treat my clients like numbers; I treat them like friends from day one. I’ll do everything in my power to make sure your purchase, experience, and relationship with me is above and beyond what you expect from the average Toronto agent.

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